Flu Preparedness Supplies: Are You Ready?

Admittedly, its a little late in the season to be talking about getting together your flu preparedness supplies. However, every time I open my facebook page I am finding another friend lamenting that the flu has just hit their home. It starts with the littlest one throwing up in the middle night and quickly spreads to all the other kids. Just as mom has the final load of sheets in the washer, bam, the all too familiar wave of nausea hits her and dad. All across America this scene seems to be playing out. If you have been lucky enough to escape it thus far, today is the day to get prepared for the flu! Having sick kids is really hard, but having sick parents trying to take care of sick kids is the worst!

flu preparedness supplies

I keep my flu preparedness supplies in a separate bucket in the storage room. I do this because my kids are little gatorade hounds and it isn’t something that I normally keep around. If they get even the smallest hint it is in the house, it will be gone! I can’t tell you how many times I would get the flu and crawl into where I knew I had gatorade stored to find that one of the boys happily stole it for basketball practice. By having a dedicated flu kit I know I always have what I need put away.

My Flu Preparedness Supplies:

  • Powdered Gatorade (easier to store the powder, lasts longer, and I can mix it as strong or weak as needed)
  • Ramen. I don’t know why but when I turn the corner and start to feel better I crave chicken flavored ramen. Probably the high sodium in a dehydrated body.
  • Ginger tea and manuka honey
  • Peppermint tea
  • Hard peppermint candy (helps sooth stomach and get rid of bad tastes in mouth)
  • Peppermint essential oils
  • Ginger Ale
  • Homemade canned broth
  • Motrin and Tylenol (don’t take aspirin)
  • Immodium
  • Zofran (ask your doctor for a prescription to keep in the house)
  • Jello
  • Garbage bags for throwing up in
  • Paper plates and cups. More sanitary and just plain easier on a sick parent.
  • Crackers
  • Frozen peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. These are a super easy, bland lunch to  keep around for healing tummy’s and worn out parents. Obviously I don’t keep these with the kit.
  • Otter pops (throw them into the freezer as soon as you open the kit)
  • Freezer meals for people that are not sick in the house
  • Emetrol
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Masks and gloves for containing the spread of germs.
  • Extra laundry detergent
  • Shelf stable probiotics for the mending process. We like the Jarrow brand.
  • A new movie, book or video game to entertain those kids that always seem to bounce back quicker than we do!

No one can predict when the flu will hit your family but being prepared for the fact that it will should make it easier to get through. What is in your flu kit that I didn’t mention? I am always looking for new ideas!

*List created with Tammy from PrayingForParker.com


  1. I keep a sick bin in our pantry with everything in it. Just grabbed some more Pedialyte at the grocery store on sale the other day. We keep a sheet in the bin to cover the couch with because whoever is sick gets the couch and I don’t want it covered in puke.

    • That is a great idea to cover the couch. And YES, pedialyte for the little ones! I forget about the differences in things little ones need so often since we are out of that age.

  2. Barb, this is a great list and a really good idea. I don’t know if this would help flu symptoms or not, but having eucalyptus spray on hand to spray in the shower may be incredibly refreshing.

  3. I never thought about this, but it’s a great idea!!

  4. We crave Ramen when no one feels well, too. Also, Walmart brand lemon lime soda (we like it better than Sprite or 7up and don’t normally drink pop at all), eucalyptus essential oil for the diffuser, extra tissues and home canned or frozen soup.

  5. I have found that the best cure is prevention. My family has a routine when going out that has kept us well for years. We’ve not had the flu in 6 years. When you go out, never touch your face with your hands unless you’ve just washed them. When you exit a store and get back in your car, use hand sanitizer. Even if you didn’t touch anything, you had to touch the door to get in so use it. We keep a big bottle of sanitizer where everyone can get to it conveniently. You have to do it everywhere. And before you exit your car to enter your home. It’s as important as seat belts to us.

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