Frugal Laundry Hacks: Wool Dryer Balls

Laundry can be the bane of a Mom’s existence.  No sooner than you think you’ve got it all caught up, the piles have reproduced.  Again.  I’ve been looking for frugal laundry hacks to reduce the cost of doing laundry, as well as the time involved in getting clothes clean.  As an added bonus, I’ve been able to reduce my family’s exposure to chemical laden dryer sheets.  Pretty important considering my youngest son’s complex medical considerations.

Frugal Laundry Hacks with Young Living Essentail Oils

What Is A Wool Dryer Ball?

*this post contains affiliate links: Wool dryer balls are balls of wool that have been ‘felted’.  The woolen balls have had their fibers disrupted, usually by being placed in hot water, agitated, and then dried.   I use and prefer these.

How Do Wool Dryer Balls Work?

Wool dryer balls work by separating clothes so that warm air circulates better.  The felted wool gently rubs against garment fibers, softening clothes naturally.  They fluff by separating clothes that would otherwise clump together.  This is especially helpful when doing comforters, towels and heavy jeans.

Save Time and Money

Wool dryer balls allow clothes to dry faster, thus reducing your energy costs, and time between loads.
It costs approximately 45 cents to dry a load of laundry in an electric dryer, based on a 5,600-watt dryer, 40-minute run-time, and a 12-cent-per-​kilowatt-hour rate.  And that is just ONE load!  Wool dryer balls can cut that time by as much as 20%, simply by improving the air flow in your dryer.

 Reusable Frugal Laundry Hacks

A dryer sheet is meant to be used once and tossed.  Wool dryer balls can be used for a 1,000+ loads!    These are the brand I use and love.

Frugal Laundry Hacks: Wool Dryer Balls

Are These Safe For Cloth Diapers?

Yes!  Dryer sheets and liquid fabric softener leave a coating of chemicals behind on your items.  This is how you get that soft feeling.  Unfortunately, that thin coating affects how absorbent the cloth diapers will be.  The same holds true for towels.

I Want My Clothes To Smell Good.

The best part of my frugal laundry hacks is that it’s easy to custom create scents for each load of laundry! NATURAL scents with essential oils.

Frugal Laundry Hacks with Young Living Essentail Oils

Here are a few of my favorites!  Add each oil to a separate wool dryer ball.  Use 4 dryer balls for a medium load.  6 wool dryer balls for larger loads.  Put 4-5 drops of an essential oil on each dryer ball. You can usually get 3-4 loads of of laundry out of the dryer ball before you need to add more essential oil.

Stress Away + Peppermint
Purification + Lemon
Lemon + Peppermint
Lavender + Lemon + Peppermint
Thieves + Peppermint

Man, I could go on forever here.  But I think you get the idea, be creative and come up with your OWN best laundry day scents!  Can you imagine a laundry day that makes you feel good because of the uplifting blends you are using?

Of course, I’ve made the choice to use Young Living Essential Oils in my home.  I’m amazed at all I received in my Young Living Premium Starter Kit!

More Frugal Laundry Hacks

1. Make sure your laundry loads are full.  The less you run your washer and dryer the more money you save.

2. Save energy and money by washing more loads in cold water.

3. Try using half of your regular laundry detergent. Chances are you won’t be able to tell a difference.

4. Empty your dryer lint trap after every load.  Clean the outside dryer vent a few times a year.

5. Do your laundry at night when electricity providers often offer cheaper rates.

6. Take your laundry out of the dryer before it is completely dry, and allow it to hang dry the rest of the way.

Pro Tip:  Looking for more ways to hack your life easier?  You’ll want to read our posts here and here. 

Essential Oils for Prepping: The Top 10

We are living in uncertain times, where the ability to be self reliant could be the difference between living well, and merely existing.  For example, who knows what will ultimately happen to our ability to access health care?  To that end, I’m sharing with you the 10 Top Essential Oils for Prepping.

Top 10 Essential Oils For Prepping

Compliance And Essential Oils For Prepping

Unfortunately, because of regulations, I’m not able to share with you everything each oil can do to benefit your family.  It’s my hope what I can share will provide you the inspiration needed to begin learning more about essential oils for prepping.  In addition, it is  my firm belief that essential oils can help your family be better prepared for an uncertain future.

Young Living Vitality Oils

Perfect for adding flavor to your favorite foods or using as dietary supplements, the Vitality line of dietary essential oils gives you the freedom to share and explore some of our best-loved essential oils in a variety of nutritious and delicious ways. Discover Vitality—for food, for family, for life!* -Young Living 

Lemon Vitality Essential Oil

Essential OIls for Prepping: Lemon Vitality

• Provides an invigorating citrus flavor
• Has antioxidant properties*
• Supports the immune system*
• Provides circulatory support*
• Contains cleansing properties*

-Young Living


Copaiba Vitality Essential Oil

Essential OIls For Prepping: Copaiba


Steam distilled from the gum resin of the Brazilian copaiba tree, Copaiba Vitality essential oil has a robust,earthy flavor with notes of honey.

When taken internally, Copaiba can promote overall wellness and may be an important part of a daily health regimen.*  -Young Living


DiGize Vitality Essential Oil

Essential Oils for Prepping: DiGize

Use DiGize Vitality essential oil to help you enjoy each and every meal! This proprietary blend of Young Living essential oils is a great mealtime companion and addition to your wellness regimen. *  -Young Living


Thieves Vitality Essential Oil

Essential Oils For Survival: Thieves

With Young Living’s Thieves Vitality essential oil you can support overall wellness and a healthy immune system* with just a few drops. Additionally, Thieves Vitality may also help support a healthy respiratory system when taken internally*. -Young Living

Peppermint Vitality Essential Oil

Young Living Peppermint Vitality Essential Oil

Peppermint Vitality essential oil (Mentha piperita) has a bright, cool flavor, with benefits that include gastrointestinal comfort and normal digestion support, in addition to its great taste. Therefore, as a dietary supplement, Peppermint Vitality oil can support healthy gut function and digestive efficiency.* –Young Living

Peppermint is my personal favorite of the Top 10 Essential Oils for Prepping.


Young Living Essential Oils

Experience singular notes of pure bliss.  As a result, these powerful essential oils, lovingly harvested from farm-grown plants and herbs, bring out the very best in you each and every day.

PRO TIP:  How To Order Young Living Essential Oils

Lavender Essential Oil

Essential Oils For Prepping: Lavender


Because of it’s versatility, Lavender is a favorite of the essential oils for prepping. From skin care products to relaxing routines, this oil can infuse many areas of your preparedness lifestyle.

In addition, Lavender essential oil is thought to:

  • Promote feelings of calm and fights occasional nervous tension*
  • Have balancing properties that calm the mind and body *(because the end of the world is going to be stressful, people) Lavender is a Top 10 Essential Oil for Preppers.
  • Cleanse and soothe minor skin irritations*
  • Be soothing to the skin after a day in the sun*
  • Reduces the appearance of blemishes*

 -Young Living

Another way to enjoy the benefits of Young Living’s Lavender Essential Oil is in soap!  Our Lavender Charcoal Soap DIY Homemade Soap Recipe highlights these glorious benefits!

We here at Simply Preparing ditched our toxin filled dryer sheets and replace them with wool dryer balls and Lavender Essential Oil!  Get all the details here: Frugal Laundry Hacks Wool Dryer Balls

Frankincense Essential Oil

Young Living Frankincense Essentil Oil is a Top 10 Essential Oil for Prepping

Frankincense essential oil has an earthy, uplifting aroma that’s perfect for grounding and spiritual connectedness. Create a safe and comforting environment when you diffuse or inhale this empowering oil—a perfect opportunity to collect your thoughts. When you seek purpose or engage in prayer or meditation, use this oil to enhance your experience. –Young Living

Frankincense could be a good oil to help increase our focus during times of upheaval.

We’ve added a few drops of Frankincense Essential Oil to our almost famous Simple DIY Facial Toner With Essential Oils



Young Living Essential Oil Blends

Invigorate your senses and transform your day with essential oil blends carefully crafted by D. Gary Young with you in mind. -Young Living

Citrus Fresh Essential Oil

Top 10 Essential Oils For Preppers

Much as I hate to remind you, emergencies can bring smells.  Because these smells won’t be pleasant, I include Citrus Fresh to our list of the Top 10 Essential Oils for Prepping.

Place a few drops of Citrus Fresh on cotton balls and stash them wherever necessary.  As a result your living space will smell clean and fresh.  Create an on-the go air freshener with a spray bottle, distilled water, and Citrus Fresh.  Keep it in your bag to freshen up public restrooms, work places, etc.

We love to make soap with Citrus Fresh Essential Oil!  Our Homemade DIY Gardener’s Soap Bar with Essential Oils is a fan favorite!

PanAway Essential Oil

Panaway is an essential oil for prepping.

Popular PanAway® oil uses include applying it to tired muscles after exercise, or to the neck and back any time of day to enjoy its soothing and stimulating aroma. YoungLiving

Seems like Panaway is the perfect oil to reach for after a long day of Zombie hunting, making this one of our essential oils for prepping.

Reminder!  Here’s how you can order the  Top 10 Oils for Prepping in a Young Living Premium Starter Kit!


Raven Essential Oil Blend

Raven Essential Oil

Raven™ is a cleansing blend of Ravintsara, Peppermint, Eucalyptus Radiata, and other essential oils. Raven creates a cooling sensation when applied topically to the chest and throat.  –Young Living

For days filled with strenuous prepping, rub properly diluted Raven on the back of the neck before you get started.

And the 11th Essential Oil Every Prepper MUST Have…..

Okay.  Okay.  I know the title of this post is the Top 10 Essential Oils For Preppers, but seriously.  I can’t let this post come to an end with out adding one of my all time favorite, most reached for essential oil, Manuka.

Young Living Top 10 Essential OIls For Prepping Manuka

Manuka essential oil comes from the myrtle family, Myrtaceae, and is native to Australia and New Zealand. Steam distilled from the leaves and stems of the plant, Manuka oil has a woodsy, slightly sweet scent. Manuka essential oil can be compared to Tea Tree essential oil, as Manuka oil benefits the skin in a similar way.

My favorite way to use Manuka Essential Oil can be found in our DIY Manuka Honey Recipe for Preppers.     Let’s face it.  Medical Honey is expensive.  Making your own makes sense……and SAVES A BUNDLE!

Who should invest in the Top 10 Essential Oils For Prepping?


  • Families that plan on bugging in during an emergency.
  • Families that plan on bugging out during an emergency.
  • Moms concerned with the physical and emotional well being of their family members.
  • Any parent wanting to add another level of protection to their emergency first aid kits.
  • Anyone with an interest in making handmade soaps, lotions, bath bombs, shampoo, etc.
  • Anyone who would like to save 24% on their personal essential oil purchases!



How To Order The Top 10 Oils For Prepping

Ready to arm your family with the Top 10 Essential Oils For Preppers? It’s easy! Simply click on over to our How To Order Young Living Essential Oils page and we’ll walk you through it step by step!  The most affordable choice would be to order a 2018 Young Living Premium Starter Kit, which includes ALL 10 Top Oils For Prepping!

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*These statements have not been approved by the FDA.  Young Living products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Top 10 Oils For Prepping

If you don’t yet have a stash (or a hoard) of essential oils, now is the time to start stocking up. Things are changing in our ability to access health care and you want to be able to take care of your family in non traditional ways. To that end, here is the top 10 oils for prepping and how to start building your stockpile of essential oils. Unfortunately there are so many things that I am not allowed to share about oils due to regulations. So it is my hope that using what I can say below leads you to peak your curiosity about oils and starts you on your research journey.

top 10 oils for prepping

Thieves Essential Oil

I add 1 drop of Thieves to a cup of warm water as part of my wellness regimen.*

Top 10 Oils for Prepping: Thieves Essential Oil

RC Essential Oil Blend

I diffuse R.C. to create a comforting aroma.

Top 10 Oils for Prepping: RC Essential Oil Blend

Panaway Essential Oil

Oils for Prepping: Panaway Essential Oils

Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint is great when used as a dietary supplement to support healthy digestion*. It’s so perfect and convenient to just add 2–3 drops to my water.

Oils for Prepping: Peppermint Essential OIls

Stress Away Essential Oil

Oils for Prepping: Stress Away Essential Oils


I apply Frankincense topically to help smooth the appearance of healthy-looking skin.

Oils for Prepping: Frankincense essential oil

Copiaba Essential Oil

Oils for Prepping: Copiaba Essential Oil

Digize Essential Oil Blend

Oils for Prepping: Digize Essential Oil Blend

Lavender Essential Oil

Oils for Prepping: Lavender Essential Oil

Lemon Essential Oil

Oils for Prepping: Lemon Essential OIl

All of the above oils are available in Premium Starter Kit that includes a diffuser. While the diffuser is not practical in an emergency situation the oils can all be used on their own and are small enough to pack in your Bug Out Bag, ESPECIALLY the sample sizes. Oils are not inexpensive but when you know how to use them the cost is more than justified in your prepping. Please do not buy “cheap” oils that you find in big box stores or possibly adulterated versions online. This is your family you are investing in.


    • Young Living Diffuser-you get a choice between the Home, Dewdrop Diffuser, Bamboo Diffuser, Raindrop or Aria Diffuser (price ranges but starts at $160-Home diffuser may be substituted for the Dewdrop based on availability). Hint: if you have problems with your hands opening items it may be best to choose one other than the Dewdrop. I have the Home, Bamboo and Aria and I love them all. If you want a basic one to get you started the Dewdrop or Home is a great choice. If you want a beautiful show piece for your home, you are looking for either the Raindrop or Aria.
    • Lavender Essential Oil 5 ml
    • Young Living Thieves Essential Oil 5 ml
    • Copaiba Essential Oil 5 ml
    • Purification Essential Oil 5 ml
    • DiGize Essential Oil 5 ml
    • Peppermint Essential Oil 5 ml
    • Frankinscence Essential Oil 5 ml
    • Young Living Lemon Essential Oil 5 ml
    • R.C. Essential Oil 5 ml
    • Panaway Essential Oil 5 ml
    • Stress Away Essential Oil 5 ml
    • 10 Samples packets of essential oils which are perfect for traveling or your purse!
    • Ningxia Red sample packs so you can taste this Wolfberry blend for yourself.
    • Young Living Product Guide

Get $25 back When You Purchase a Young Living Premium Starter Kit

Because I feel so strongly that you need to buy yourself some books or apps for your phone to learn how to really use your oils I will give you a $25 refund via paypal when you buy a kit so you can buy more educational materials or additional oils. All of that information is below. Once you buy your kit, you automatically become a wholesale member which gives you the ability to buy all your oils at 24% off retail.

Additional Oils You May Want To Use Your Refund On:

  • Oregano
  • Tea Tree
  • Manuka
  • Helichrysum
  • Hyssop
  • Myrrh
  • Lemongrass
  • Valor
  • Peace and Calming
  • Cedarwood
  • Deep Relief Roll-on (the roll-on blends are perfect for Bug Out Bags)
  • Breathe Again Roll-on
  • Tranquil Roll-on

young living dewdrop diffuser kit


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