Bottled Water Contamination l Survival Water Filter

Americans choose to drink bottled water thinking it is safer than their municipal water.  Unfortunately, we now know this this may not be the case. New research that warns us of bottled water  contamination in the form of thousands of thousands of pieces of plastic.

In other words,  trying to avoid the type of contamination found in the water storage in Flint, Michigan, could lead you to a whole different kind of contamination.


 Bottled Water Contamination

The testing, initiated by Orb Media found plastic particles in bottled water, including polypropylene, nylon and polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

Dangerous Water

Clean water is becoming an increasing concern. Families across the country have been affected by the hurricanes that have hit leaving contaminated water in their wake. Also, there is great concern about the levels of arsenic and fluoride in our water.  Every day hundreds of Boil Water Notices are given due to municipal water sources becoming contaminated.

Bottled Water Contamination

An Alternative To Bottled Water

Luckily, there are alternatives to risking bottled water contamination. A good survival water filter with advanced capabilities can provide you and your family with clean drinking water.

What Makes A Good Survival Water Filter?

A good survival water filter has the ability to filter and purify water from the following contaminants:

    • Dirt and sand particles
    • Pathogenic bacteria
    • Toxic heavy metals such as lead and mercury
    • Parasites
    • Harmful or unwanted chemicals

A Gravity Fed Filter Is Best

How often power is lost during emergencies?  A survival  water filter that isn’t reliant on an electric or gas-powered source of filtration is your best bet.  Because a gravity fed filter allows dirty water go into the top of the system and come out the bottom clean and safe to drink, no electricity is needed!


Our Family Chose The Berkey

After much research, my husband and I chose the *this post contains affiliate links Big Berkey Water Filter. In addition, the Berkey Arsenic and Fluoride Filters offer up extra protection as a survival water filter. 

Water from the Berkey tastes great. It’s safe to mix my son’s medications with. It’s lightweight and very easy to put together.  Finally,   I don’t have to worry about any bottled water contamination.

PRO TIP: If, like me, you like to carry water with you to drink through out the day, check into the Berkey Filtered Water Bottle.

Buying A Berkey

We had to save up in order to afford a Berkey.  We were able to save money buying emergency gear and roll that savings into a higher grade of water purifier.  However,  our Berkey has been worth every single penny.

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