Egg Prices are Going Up. Way Up.

Egg prices are going up.  An announcement was made at the beginning of January alerting consumers to a price hike in eggs as California starts requiring hens be raised in spaces big enough to move around in.

States selling eggs to California must also meet these standards in order to continue doing business in the Golden State.

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Less Chickens = Less Eggs = Prices Going Up

So much for thinking chickens would suddenly be living out their days in luxury digs with prices staying the same.   With the new standards, chicken farmers are sending their flocks to their Heavenly Rewards rather than building new, larger buildings to house the hens in.

Less chickens  mean less eggs, which  drives up prices. It’s the whole cost vs. demand thing.

How Thrive Makes Storing Eggs EASY!

I’m thinking it’s a good time to make sure my preps include some shelf stable eggs.   Thrive makes this easy with their great tasting scrambled egg mix!  Thrive Scrambled Egg Mix.

One way to combat rising food prices is to purchase on sale and in bulk.  This allows you to ‘lock in’ the price of a food.   Purchasing enough to last a year will give you amble opportunity to begin looking for a good sale price before you run out. Doing this allow you to avoid being victim of high prices.

How To Use Thrive Powdered Eggs

Pro Tip: :  How do you rehydrate powered/dehydrated eggs?  It’s easy.  In any recipe calling for eggs use 2T. dry egg powder + 3 T. water per fresh egg.  Mix well.

Other Brands Of Shelf Stable Eggs for Long Term Storage

OvaEasy are actually freeze dried egg crystals.  The shelf life per unopened bag is 2 1/2 years.

Made from only chia seeds and garbanzo beans, Neat Egg is an excellent egg replacement  for those who choose not to eat animal products.

Are  egg prices going up where you live?  Do you store eggs?   Do you use powered eggs in place of fresh ones?