Do You Need a Tactical Flashlight For Your Bug Out Bag?

I’ll admit it. I didn’t get the hype on buying special tactical flashlights for emergency use. My house is stocked full of the big plastic ones with the D cell batteries. After reviewing this Nebo 5160 SE Redline, I am a total convert! Everyone needs to have a tactical flashlight in their Bug Out Bag and as a part of their survival gear. Instead of boring you with all the details in writing, I decided to just bite the bullet and show you how the Nebo 5160 works.  Presenting my first video review here on Simply Preparing:

As I mentioned in the video the folks at Gunner Security were awesome in helping me. They sent over the flashlight for me to check out and have one for a lucky reader here to win. I had no idea that they sold things like flashlights, holsters, knives and lasers. I will be getting my CCW in a few weeks and I plan to check out their holsters a little more seriously then. A little birdie told me pink range bags may be coming soon!

So, would you like to win one of these for your Bug Out Bag? Here is how (This giveaway is closed):

At $34.49 these would make excellent holiday stocking stuffers. I know you love to support small family business as much as I do so consider buying one of these tactical flashlights from Gunner Security for someone you love and want to be safe!


  1. I like the strobe and emergency flash option in addition to the magnet on the bottom.

  2. I like how bright it is and that you can zoom in/out with the light stream.

  3. Love the strobe feature and the zoom focus. Cool flashlight!

  4. I would love to see the night vision goggles from Gunner Security on your site.

  5. The zoom feature is great!

  6. I love how it warns you about low power

  7. I love that it does zoom and out and will stick to metal.

  8. I like the low battery warning and the strobe feature.

  9. love the magnet feature! hands free is the best!

  10. I think the strobe and zoom feature is awesome for a flashlight!

  11. what an important functional flashlight to add to ones household

  12. I don’t have a bug out bag but I’d still like a great flashlight because I have to walk at night at times. I fell once and BROKE my wrist so a flashlight is a very needed item. Qite unsafe to walk without one. I like this as a torch.

  13. And besides a good flashlight I should also get the night vision goggles…lol

  14. I love how you can use it as a torch and a beacon. It looks like a great flashlight!

  15. Cassandra McCann

    great giveaway this flashlight looks awesome

  16. I love that it warns you of low battery. I also love that it is magnetic.

  17. impressed with the magnet

  18. I liked how bright it was in such a small size

  19. I would like to get my husband the Blackie Collins Spring Assist knife

  20. the strobe feature

  21. Wow! I am totally impressed with this flashlight. I love the Zoom Feature. Also, the fact it is lnot too heavy, magnetic and has a strobe feature. I am going to get one for my son.
    Hope I win this one for me.

  22. i like that you can zoom in and out, and the magnetic feature is cool, thanks

  23. It is a light weight yet powerfull flashlight.I was very impressed by at a lot of the things abput it.

  24. My husband is a disabled Veteran that loves to tinker , with this and that .We live on a low fixed income, as I lost my job.This would be a fantastic gift, and would be much appreciated by both of us! Sure would be nice for him to win something, as he is always helping out fellow Veterans, asking nothing in return!

  25. Sadly I can’t ever find my flashlight in a non-emergency… so I’d better get one of these for my emergency bag.. I love that it lets you know when the battery is wearing out!

  26. Christine MarteBemartie

    The zoom! Very useful concept.

  27. Im impressed with how bright it is.

  28. I like that you can zoom the light beam

  29. I was very impressed by the spot on the bottom that glows red if the battery is going dead.

  30. I like the glow in the dark feature and the magnetic part the best. Small but very cool details!

  31. Every feature on it makes it a must have flash light thank you for the giveaway

  32. The Zoom Feature, I’ve never seen it on a flashlight before.

  33. I’d love to see a review of the Blackie Collins Personal Self Defense Knife on your website. But in all honesty, any knife because I love knives lol 😀

  34. I like the strobe feature

  35. my son is wanting night vision googles so I’d love to see a review

  36. Love how it’s lightweight and yet it can do so many different things like the zoom and the strobe. Super cool! Thanks for the review and the giveaway.

  37. The CIA knives look pretty cool; a review of one of those would be nice.

  38. I think the low battery feature is cool.

  39. The magnet feature is my favorite

  40. I like a lot the finish and design, plus the magnet is always a nice feature to have!

  41. Glow in the dark feature

  42. I think the night vision goggles look cool!

  43. I like the zoom features.

  44. I like the strobe and adjustable lens

  45. I love the strobe light feature! In an emergency that would be very handy to have.

  46. Love that it warns you when your batteries are at 20% – pretty cool.

  47. The toughness of the light

  48. The zoom feature is pretty cool!

  49. I like the strobe.

  50. I like the size and the strobe.

  51. The magnet is very handy frees the hands up.

  52. magnetic feature is cool

  53. Blackie collins self defense knife would be nice

  54. Stacey Cockrell

    I like the zoom feature.

  55. I like the strobe feature and the zoom focus! Thanks for the great giveaway and happy holidays!

  56. Zooming!

  57. Handy Magnet storage!

  58. I like the magnet! That would be soooooo helpful!

  59. Justin Anderson

    I love the magnet at the bottom and the strobe light plus the price is pretty reasonable!

  60. I love how bright it is.

  61. I would like to see the scope reviewed

  62. I like that it is magnetic.

  63. I like the beacon and the way that you held it in place with the magnet. Neat Flashlight.

  64. I love that with as many features it has it is still light weight. Being magnetic & having a zoom can come in handy too.

  65. hubby could use another in the pants holster or a shoulder holster.

  66. Mechele Johnson

    I like that it warns you when the power is getting low.

  67. one of the non-metallic daggers would be great!…

  68. I like the zoom and that she could just attach to the fireplace. Also loved that it alerts when battery is low. Also like the strobe light feature

  69. I’d like to see the gun safes featured. My daughter wants to get her husband one.

  70. I like the zoom feature.

  71. I Like The Strobe Light

  72. That it is magnetic

  73. I like how you can change the focus of the light.

  74. Stephanie Larison

    I really like the zooming feature.

  75. I really like the magnet feature

  76. I love the NEBO Protec Elite HP190 Rail Mount Flashlight I live in st augustine florida and the power here goes out about once a day

  77. I’m impressed by how sturdy it is for a small compact flashlight.

  78. The Blackie Collins Personal Self Defense Knife looks like it would be quite useful.

  79. The zoom feature is awesome… After playing with it I think it’s awesome and the brightness is outstanding!! It’s like headlights on a car.

  80. Tiffany Overton

    I love the zoom feature but this may be on of the brightest flashlights I have ever seen!

  81. Tiffany Overton

    I would love the Night Vision Goggles! They would be awesome to have

  82. Oh my goodness, I love everything about it! My son would flip out if I gave him this in his stocking. I love the magnet, the fact that you can focus it, the low battery warning, the strobe light….just so cool!

  83. I’d like to see the
    Blackie Collins Spring Assist featured as well because it seems like a good knife.

  84. I think the zoom feature is quite a plus, additionally the magnet is a great idea!

  85. I really like the zoom feature.

  86. The zoom! But it’s awesome in all.

  87. It warns you about a low battery.

  88. I think the strobe and zoom lens are ideal.

  89. I love the zoom lense, very unique

  90. I liked the strobe feature:)

  91. micheal dale grim

    i like the magnet and the strobe features!!!

  92. The emergency strobe feature is very impressive.

  93. I like the magnet on the bottom.

  94. I’d like to see the night vision goggles.

  95. I like the magnet, brightness, ability to focus the light beam, and the low battery sensor features. Such an awesome flashlight that I really need for my bug out bag too. Thank you for giving the website name to purchase one, in case I am not the winner.

  96. The ability to zoom and turn it into an emergency strobe light is fantastic!

  97. Rhonda S. Phillips-Tenderholt

    I like that it’s light weight and the features are really cool. I’d love to win one for either the van or my 2 son’s boy scout bags.

    thank you for the giveaway, information, and chance to win. I did not know about this flashlight and will definitely be looking into it.

  98. Rhonda S. Phillips-Tenderholt

    My boyz would like the lasers for the guns.

  99. Strobe is for sure my favorite,

  100. I like the smallness of it and that it’s magnetic. That’s cool. ty for the giveaway!

  101. The low battery warning signal is great!!!

  102. love that you can zoom the light!

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  103. would like to see BD1200 Deluxe Digital Pistol Vault review

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  104. I like the zoom feature.

  105. Cassandra Eastman

    I like how the red light tells you that the batteries need changed, and how you can focus the light!

  106. I thought it was neat that one bulb outputs 250 lumens! Thanks for the giveaway!

  107. The night vision goggles would be cool. ty!

  108. I like the strobe and emergency flash option and zoom

  109. the magnetic back and the adjustable focus
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  110. I like the CIA Boot Knife

  111. I love the zoom

  112. like the night vision

  113. I’d like to see the Blackie Collins Spring Assist featured

  114. I like the zoom feature

  115. Melanie Montgomery

    It has a zoom feature. My husband would love that/

  116. I like the magnet

  117. Great job on your first Vlog review. I was most impressed with the brightness of the small flashlight. $35 is a steal!

  118. Blackie Collins Personal Self Defense Knife

  119. I like the zoom

  120. low battery indicator

  121. I love the zoom feature!

  122. I would love to be able to win night vision goggles – how cool is that!!

  123. I like the zoom feature

  124. The magnet feature is my favorite

  125. christine weideman

    Ok who doesnt need night vision goggles!

  126. The magnetic base

  127. Sticks to metal

  128. Night Vision

  129. I like the zoom feature best!

  130. My husband would like the Blackie Collins Spring assist knife

  131. I like the fact that it glows red on the bottom when it is down to 20% battery power left.

    wendym at cableone dot net

  132. Christian Alejandro N.

    The Strobe feature is great for self defense.

  133. Christian Alejandro N.

    I liked the car safe.

  134. Very cool that it glows red when it reaches 20% battery life.

  135. I like the Cold Steel 92FK FGX Karambit for the additional item in the bug out bag.

  136. I like that you can zoom it to a small area.

  137. The emergency flash option and also I love how bright it is.

  138. I like the magnetic feature and the zooming light beam.

  139. I like the Cold Steel 92FK FGX Karambit.

  140. The zoom focus is great! Would love to have one of these.

  141. Shirley Zolenski

    The zoom feature is cool

  142. Thanks for the giveaway…brightness & rugged construction.

  143. The zooming feature,

  144. CCW Horizontal Carry Belly Band.

  145. I read on an article that you can use the Nebo to make fires. Is this true?

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