This Full Face Respirator Will Save Your Life

A full face respirator is an important part of every emergency preparedness kit.  ReadiMask is a single use, multipurpose respirator that substantially protects against airborne particles and is designed to fit both adults and children.

ReadiMask Full Face Respirator

A Lightweight and Discreet Full Face Respirator

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Due to their size,  you are not going to want to take a traditional full face respirator along on with you on a daily  basis.  First of all, they are heavy and cumbersome.  As a result, bringing one along on daily activities is extremely inconvenient.  Unless you like drawing attention to yourself, you need to choose  a light weight and discreet option.

The *this post contains affiliate links ReadiMask filters greater than 95% of particles suspended in air (aerosols), including,  bacteria, viruses (including Ebola and plauge), mold, industrial particles and smoke particles. In addition, the ReadiMask will filter pepper spray.  With this particle mask you have the ability to breathe easily and cleanly anywhere you go.

We love the ReadiMask so much that we recommend all Simple 72 Hour Kits and Checklists include one!

This Full Face RespiratorWill Save

Big thanks to my beautiful daughter for being our ReadiMask Full Face Respirator Model!

How A ReadiMask Full Face Respirator Will Save Your Life

Imagine being in a burning building.  The smoke can kill you before the fires reaches you.  The ReadiMask  will reduce your risk in a fire by protecting your eyes and filtering particulates.

Going to be in a crowd?  The ReadiMask filters pepper spray.

Immuno-Compromised?  Airbone allergies?   This face mask was made for you too.

Did you know that communicable diseases are easily picked up when we touch contaminated surfaces with our hands?   The we touch our face with our hands and…….bam! we’ve contaminated ourselves via our eyes, noses and mouth.  This is what makes the ReadiMask’s eye shield so important.

Bonus!  Glasses can be worn OVER the face shield, consequently eliminating your eye wear fogging up!  Argh, I HATE that, don’t you?

Because ReadiMask is the first full face respirator mask to use hypoallergenic medical adhesive to create a tight seal,  allowing the filter and eye shield to provide substantial protection.

ProTip:  Learn More About Different Face Masks And Which One Will Best Fit Your Needs Read Our Article On How To Choose The Best Face Mask For Your Emergency. 


ProTip:  In a hurry?  Order your ReadiMask with just a click!

An Affordable Full Face Respirator Option

The price of a ReadiMask is a fraction of traditional face mask, therefore,  you can afford to purchase several.  Keep them in easy to get to places, such as purses and glove compartments.

While there is a time for full face gas masks, the option of a lightweight, inexpensive, easy to use ReadiMask is a great addition to your emergency kits where a good face mask is crucial.


Choosing The Best Emergency Face Mask

As I write this post, parts of the country are either flooded or fleeing the path of Hurricane Irma.  Other states, Oregon, Washington and California are on fire.  If there was ever a time to begin preparing your family for an emergency, now has to be it.  One item that should be in every family’s preparedness kit is an emergency face mask.

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Which Type Of Emergency Face Mask Should You Buy?

Let’s run through the different types of emergency face masks and their best uses.

The lowest level of protection is the humble *this post contains affiliate links dust mask.   Inexpensive.  Disposable.  It’s the sort of mask you would need to protect against pollen, household dust, cut grass.  It is NOT NIOSH approved protection.  It’s really not going to offer much protection, and the only reason I mention it here is to help you tell the difference between this and a particulate respirator mask.

How To Choose An Emergency Face Mask

N95 Emergency Face Masks

A better choice for an emergency face mask is a particulate respirator, an N95 or above.  These are the types of masks suggested a few years back when the Swine Flu and Influenza were such concerns.  These filter 95% of 0.3 micron sized particles.

Particulate respirator face masks conform a bit better to your face, unless you have a  beard.   These masks give you more protection from microscopic particles in the air.

The N95 masks can be found with ‘cool flow valves’ that help to reduce heat build up, moisture, and fogging, all of which help to make breathing while wearing this mask easier.

Because N95 masks are NIOSH certified, which means the respirator has passed stringent government performance standards including filtration efficiency testing and provides at least 95% filtration efficiency solid and liquid particles that do not contain oil.

 N95 masks have been a popular choice for protection from the smoke from fires, city pollution, viruses (H1N1, etc.) and allergies.

N99 Emergency Face Masks

Newer on the market are masks like the Cambridge Mask, which is a N99 mask.  More expensive, but reusable, Cambridge Masks provide protection against gases, smells, all PM; PM2.5, PM0.3, pollen, smoke and pathogens such as viruses (99.6%)  and  bacteria (99.77%).

As per the Cambridge literature:

Filters used in the Cambridge Mask meet the N99 standard (higher than N95)This is a US Government specification for pollution masks. Cambridge Masks have been independently tested by Nelson Labs, USA which confirmed almost 100% of particulate pollution, bacteria and viruses were successfully filtered when tested. We have also tested to meet the standards for Chinese NK-95 and Korean Food and Drug Administration requirements. The masks use a triple-layer filter system which will protect from a range of airborne contaminants.

Please, check the specs on ANY emergency face mask purchase you make.


PRO TIP: Remember viruses are transferred not only by touch, through a sneeze, these bugs can also enter through your eyes.  Good hand washing and keeping your hands away from your face is important.

emergency mask

Should You Buy A Respirator?

Next up, Respirators.  These provide at least 95% filter efficiency against solid and liquid aerosols as well as some organic vapors.  It will filter pesticides and some viruses too.   Basically, you get a much better seal with this type of face masks, which offers better protection.  If you want to amp up this protection add a pair of safety goggles.

Respirators work well for those with serious breathing problems, allergies, and a need to be protected from bad smells.  Think of it as a really jacked up version of the paper N95 masks that can also filter out strong odors.

PRO TIP:  At around $30.00 a pop, respirators are a great choice for protection.  But make sure you pay attention to the SIZES they come in, usually Small, Medium, and Large.   The effectiveness of any face mask depends on how well it fits.

Full Facepiece Respirators provide a good seal around your face, AND protect your eyes.  More expensive, but if this is a big concern for you, worth every penny.

Another choice you may want to consider is the ReadiMask, a single use, full face respirator that uses medical grade adhesive to create a secure barrier to your face.

What Face Mask Should You Choose For Mold Removal?

Let’s face it.  In the aftermath of a hurricane, a lot of people are going to be dealing with a lot of mold.  You are going to need a Mold Remediation Respirator kit.
Mold is nasty stuff.  Don’t try to use a paper face mask or simple respirator for this job.

When Are  Gas Masks A Good Choice?

Considering today’s world events, there is value in a good gas mask.   Again, it’s all about your personal circumstances.  The Israeli Gas Masks also run in the $30-40 dollar range.

Pro Tip:  Regardless of which face mask you choose, wearing them is a bit of a learning curve.  They are uncomfortable and can look scary on, especially for children.   Take some time and practice wearing your masks BEFORE an emergency.

What face masks do you have in your emergency supplies?  What type do your pack in your 72 kit?



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