How to Get Emergency Water From Water Heater

Most homes have a water heater that holds at least 30 gallons of potable water. It’s one of the conveniences we take for granted, until it stops working! But many of us don’t take for granted the fact that we do have a 30 gallons of emergency water from water heater

storage device in our house! If you are working on building your supply of water, I recommend that you don’t include your water heater when calculating your water storage needs. This way, you have an extra 30 gallons to buffer you beyond the time you plan for. If you are still working oplastic tub for water heater drainingn building that supply, knowing you have that tank may set your mind at ease a bit.

I recommend you watch this video now. Then print out these directions, gather a cheap garden hose, and tape the directions to the outside of a large plastic bucket.


Depending on how clean it looks after drained you may want to disinfect the water with pool shock or bleach.

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