Make Your Own Brown Sugar: 15 Minute Prepper

Yes!  You can make your own brown sugar.  When I show you how easy it is to combine the ingredients for brown sugar, you are going to wonder why nobody told you this sooner.

Make Your Own Brown Sugar

Why Make Your Own Brown Sugar?

Making your own brown sugar is much less expensive than purchasing brown sugar.   November is when the big baking supply sales begin.  Last year I was able to score sugar at .12 a pound by combining sales and coupons.   Molasses  goes on sale this time of year too.   Purchase it in bulk, add one tablespoon to one cup of sugar, and you’ve got brown sugar for about .30 cents a POUND.    That beats even the very best sale price for brown sugar in my area.

That’s not all, folks.  No Siree!

With this DYI brown sugar sugar recipe you can control how dark and flavorful the end result will be.  No more worrying about having to buy both dark and light brown sugar.  Oh, the ease and simplicity!

And seriously, who doesn’t love one less trip to the grocery store?  Now, let’s let’s get down to how to make your own brown sugar.

Make Your Own Brown Sugar


A Brown Sugar Recipe

This will be the shortest, sweetest (get it….sweetest……brown sugar……heh) recipe you’ll ever take down.

1 cup granulated cane sugar

1 Tablespoon unsulphured molasses

In a medium sized bowl, mix together the sugar and molasses.

Work it until the molasses is  completely incorporated into the sugar.   You’ll need to keep stirring using a small whisk for a couple of minutes, but it will all come together.
For dark brown sugar, add another tablespoon of molasses.

Use as you would in your favorite cake and cookie recipes.  Store your fresh brown sugar an airtight container.    I use the Bormioli Clear Jars to store my homemade brown sugar in.


What things have you bought in the past, but now make your own frugal, homemade versions of?    How have these DIY versions saved you money and time?


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  1. Okay, I had absolutely no idea you could make your own brown sugar! And how easy it is. This is a game-changer!! Thanks for sharing

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  4. Thanks so much… my daughter and I were in the kitchen just this week when we realized we were out of brown sugar and this post saved the day! She even went on to calculate the cost and determined making brown sugar this way costs only cents more per cup than buying brown sugar.

    • Michelle, I’m so glad this came in handy for you! During the holiday baking sales I often get white sugar for super cheap making this recipe even more budget friendly!

  5. I have never bought brown sugar and have always made mine own. I even wrote a blog post about it. Nice to see someone else makes their own.

  6. Kimberly @ Berly's Kitchen :

    This is great! Especially for those times when you run short on brown sugar for a recipe. Thanks for posting this!

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  12. This is really cool! I didn’t know there was a way to make your own brown sugar! It’s so simple too! Thank you for sharing!

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