Mason Jar Match Holders: DYI

I’ve been thinking about what I could give for neighbor gifts this holiday season that would be something people would actually have a use for.  Mason Jar Match Holders are inexpensive and useful.  Perfect!

A quick and easy hack for your matches!

These match holders provide a sturdier way to store matches, protecting them from the humidity that can make lighting a match harder.   Bonus, no more having a box of matches spilling out all over the place when you take them camping!



Mason Jar Match Holders are so easy to make!

Materials For Making Mason Jar Match Holders

Half Pint Mason Jars

Strike On The Box Matches

Hole Punch

Glue Gun


Small Piece of Cardboard

What you need to make a mason jar match holder

How To Make Mason Jar Match Holders

Fill a mason jar with matches.   One box of 300 hundred matches will easily give you enough matches to fill two jars.

Lay the top of the match box out flat, with the striker area facing up, then place a jar ring over the flattened box top and use a pencil to draw a circle to fit under the jar lid.  Cut that out.

You’ll take your cut out circle from the match box and use that as a template for your cardboard cutout.  The piece of cardboard adds stability to the strike zone for when you go to light the match.

Making Mason Jar Match Holders
Use the hole punch to cut holes through both the match box layer and the cardboard layer.  A few dabs of hot glue will help keep it all in place.

Dress Up Your Mason Jar Match Holders For A Gift!

If you’re in the mood you can dress these Mason Jar Match Holders up by covering the cardboard circle with a fun piece of scrapbook paper, and cute tag with something like “Hope Your Holidays are Merry and BRIGHT!”   will add a bit of festive cheer too!  (Get it?  Bright?  Matches?  I’ll be here all week, folks…..)

A super easy way to store matches!

Okay.  Maybe you simply don’t have time to make your own gifts.  No worries.  You can purchase  a UDC Match Holder from Amazon for an exceptionally sweet price!











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