Top Preppers on Pinterest

The social networking site Pinterest is a a great place to get ideas on prepping, homesteading and self-sufficiency. Last March we wrote a post on the top 5 pinners on Pinterest which became wildly popular. This fall we are discovering some new pinners (to us) and want to share this resource with you all. So, without further ado, we present….

Top Preppers on Pinterest

Top Preppers on Pinterest

Of course, you know we are always going to list ourselves so those of you who are not yet following can start seeing the pins we share! Click on the picture of the profile to follow us and all of the preppers in this post!

Simply Preparing on Pinterest

Top Prepper on Pinterest

Glenn H. Levy on Pinterest

One of our favorite prepping friends, Mom With a Prep, suggested our Simply Preparing facebook page that we check out this monster prepping pinner and we sure weren’t sorry. Glenn focuses a lot on survival skills, weaponry and alternative shelters.

glenn levy-prepper on pinterest

Family Preparedness Board on Pinterest

Another one of our favorite boards is curated by Mom With A Prep. We were invited to contribute to this fine collection and are proud to do so. You will find lots of “quick tip” prepping posts links here.

family preparedness

Are You Prepared? Pinterest Board

ConnieSmith1 created a great Pinterest Board called Are You Prepared? You will be after reading through all the tips and tricks she posts here.

Are you prepared? pinterest board

Prepared Housewives on Pinterest

I love when people take the time to organize their board covers to make it easier for people to find things! I really need to do this but for now I will simply enjoy those pinners that are more organized than myself!

prepared housewives on pinterest

Backwoods Home on Pinterest

Backwoods Home is a print magazine that is coming to life on Pinterest. They post mostly their own uploaded photos and tips from the magazine to their Pinterest profile.

Backwoods Home on Pinterest

Of course, we still highly recommend our Top 5 Pinners For Prepping from last spring so click the graphic to visit them.

top 5 pinners to follow for prepping


We certainly don’t claim to be perfect and we are sure to have missed some great pinners! Who are they? Leave us their name and pinterest profile URL in the comments so we can check them out and maybe include them in our next roundup!



Top 5 Pinners to Follow For Prepping

Our love for getting prepping advice from Pinterest is well known and we often showcase our favorite ideas on pinterest here. Today we thought it would be nice to show you our top 5 pinners to follow for prepping so that you can follow them too. In no particular order here they are!

Our Favorite Pinners to Follow For Prepping:

top 5 pinners to follow for prepping


Mom’s got her prep on. Pinning items for emergency preparedness, survival, shtf, teotwawki, homesteading and self-sufficiency.

Top 5 Pinners to Follow For Prepping-Mom With A Prep



Join us as we build a movement. Let’s talk about family, Conservatism, Christianity, gardening, cooking, homesteading, economics, homeschooling and technology.

Top 5 Pinners to Follow  For Prepping-Mom Prepares


Ed Todd

My son just went to college and having more time now. I have found this Pinterest has become my new addiction. Most anything about me is related to these boards or on my Facebook. Be safe everyone!!

Top 5 Pinners ro follow for Prepping-Ed Todd


Jenn Fowler

Homestead Stuff & More
Top 5 Pinners to follow for Prepping-Jenn Fowler


Tammy Hodson

Food Storage

Top 5 Pinners to follow for Prepping-Tammy Hodson


Of course, we would be negligent in not showing off our boards as well! We would love to have you follow Simply Preparing on Pinterest. We like to think of ourselves as a top pinner of prepping materials.

Top 5 Pinners to follow for prepping on Pinterest-Simply Preparing

Compiling this list was actually inspired by my friend Melissa Taylor who is not into prepping at all (we need to convert her) but is very much into pinterest with over 1.2 MILLION followers. She just wrote her first book called Pinterest Savvy and I very much recommend all of you going to download on Kindle. Pinterest is a great way for prepping people to connect and share our life saving ideas! So the more of us that are comfortable using this great resource the better!

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

Prepping Projects For Thanksgiving Weekend

Pinterest has been bursting with great ideas for prepping over this holiday weekend. Here are some of my favorite ideas for Thanksgiving weekend prepping projects.

thanksgiving prepping pinterest ideas

Dehydrate Pumpkins

We’ve been talking for several weeks now about how this is the time of year to put up pumpkins. Here are some great directions on how to dehydrate pumpkin:

How to Can Cranberries

I love fresh cranberries and this recipe looks delicious. I am curious though that the instructions for this don’t include a water bath. Has anyone done this without using the water bath method?


Plant a Winter Vegetable Garden

I never knew that there were some vegetables that will do very well in the winter. I am going to put some garlic sets out and try it:



What are you planning on prepping this Thanksgiving weekend? Have your eye on anything special in Black Friday sales? I am not planning on shopping but instead practicing skills and working on food stores. I have all the ingredients ready to dehydrate for Zombie Soup and will be getting that put up this weekend.