How To Freeze Eggs

Remember the good old days when eggs used to go on sale for .25 .50 a carton?  In my area we’re  lucky if we see .99 a dozen.   Eggs have gone up in price, which makes knowing how to freeze eggs an excellent skill to master.

How To Freeze Eggs


When To Use Frozen Eggs

Eggs that have been frozen are good for baking and recipes such as waffles and pancakes.   Frozen eggs tend to be a little rubbery for scrambled and other egg dishes, but if you want to give them a try, well, you only live once, right?


How To Freeze Eggs:

1. Crack your eggs into a bowl and whisk them.  You aren’t trying to make them light and fluffy with lots of air, as a matter of fact, the less air the better.  You just want the white and yolk well mixed.

2. Put about 3 T of your egg mixture into an ice cube tray.  I used *this post contains affiliate links baby food trays because I know that they are BPA free.

3.  Stick your tray of eggs into the freezer and let them freeze.

Freezing eggs in ice cube trays

4.  After they are frozen, pop them out double bag them zip-lock bags, and stick them back into the freezer.  DATE YOUR BAG and write down HOW MANY CUBES MAKE AN EGG.  You may THINK you will remember this, but you won’t.  Trust me. (ahemEggs are good for about 6 months when packaged this way.

These eggs should last up to a year in your freezer if you use your Food Saver and seal them in Food Saver bags. 

5. Speaking of how many cubes equal and egg…..two ice cubes is about 1 egg.  Just remember how many eggs you mix, and how many ice cube trays it fills up to figure out the cube per egg ratio.

Defrost as many ice cube eggs as you need for your recipe.  Don’t microwave them to defrost them because you will start to cook them.  Use your defrosted eggs right away.

Freeze Eggs In Muffin Tins

I used to do this in tin muffin containers.  But I now use these silicone muffin pans and will NEVER go back.  So much easier to pop out!  I think you’ll love them too.

1.  Crack eggs into bowl
2. Lightly scramble eggs
3. Pour into your silicone muffin tins and freeze!

Freeze Eggs In Ready To Eat Breakfast Meals

My family enjoys being able to grab a breakfast burrito or egg muffins out of the freezer, pop it in the microwave to warm it up, and head out for the day.  Don’t forget breakfast casseroles, like this one from Pocket Change Gourmet 

Shelf Stable Eggs

Freezing eggs not really your thing?  Worry not!  There excellent shelf stable eggs available in both powdered eggs and freeze dried eggs are a great choice.    Easy to add to your baking or scramble up for a quick breakfast!  Another family favorite are the Scrambled Eggs With Bacon from Mountain House.   Remember, eggs are an important part of both your long term, and short term food storage plan.

Yes! You CAN freeze eggs! Here's how!

Do you freeze eggs? How do you preserve your surplus of eggs?

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  1. Ha I would have never thought of freezing eggs, but it seems simple enough.

  2. I’ve never thought of freezing eggs!

  3. Do you have to scramble them? Wondering if you could just crack an egg into a muffin tin as stated above the go straight from the freezer to boiling water for a poached egg. Would be interesting to try.

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