Prepping For Basic Emergencies

Prepping for basic emergencies doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  It doesn’t have to be a huge expense.  I work with many people who immediately get that dear in the headlights look when the topic is preparing families for emergencies.

Prepping for basic emergencies can be as easy as taking a trip to your local grocery or big box store.  Or, in this case, simply let your fingers click through the Amazon Affiliate links!

Prepping doesn't have to be stressful or overwhelming. Whether you are a doomsday prepper, or a mom wanting some peace of mind, we have your survival needs covered!


Let There Be Light

Nobody likes to be stuck in the dark.   I can easily stock up on the following illuminating items each time I’m out running errands:



Light Sticks (Ultra Bright)

LED Solar Lights

Water.  And More Water.

Water is your friend, boys and girls.  Make sure you have 1 gallon of water per person per day.  More if you are hoping to flush toilets, or brush your teeth.

Ready to eat, shelf stable foods.

Quick and easy is the name of the game.  Peanut butter.  Crackers.  Those ready to eat packets of tuna.   Again, things you can pick up a little at a time each time you make a grocery run.  For longer term storage look towards rice, beans, pasta, and canned items.

Toilet Paper

You are not going to want to be stuck spraying your sweet patoot clean with a honey bear filled with cold water unless the apocalypse really is in full swing.  Until then stock up on the TP.

Magical Miracle Tape

I’m pretty sure this post says it all.  Duct tape is truly the stuff miracles are made of.

Black Contractor Bags

Not garbage bags.  Not leaf bags.  On the box it will state ‘contractor’ bags.  Those are what you want.

Over The Counter Medications and Prescriptions

Aspirins.  Allergy Medication.  Cough Syrup.  Prescription meds.

A Basic First Aid Kit

Chances are you’re not a doctor, nor do you play one on T.V.  You aren’t going to be performing a tracheotomy or needing to crack someone’s chest to massage their heart.  A basic First Aid Kit will serve you well.

Prepping doesn't have to be stressful or overwhelming. Whether you are a doomsday prepper, or a mom wanting some peace of mind, we have your survival needs covered!

Taking Prepping to a Higher Level

Can you take preparedness to a higher level?  Of course!   Most people start with the basics, get the bug, so to say, and then continue to grow their preparedness goals.  The point is that you don’t have to jump onto the Expert Level to make sure your family can make it through a rough time.  And every thing listed above can be purchased either at your grocery store or a big box store, on sale, and often with coupons.

Start simply.  Pick up a few items each time you get paid. Sell some of your stuff that you are no longer using, and put that money towards a prepping goal.    Put your foundation in place and then work to meet your personal preparedness goals.

Self sufficiency is a mind set, an every day way of thinking.   It’s a journey to a simpler, less worry filled life.

Where are YOU in your emergency preparedness goals?  How can I help you achieve those goals?

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  1. As a mom, I really liked all the tips you got here! Thanks for this!

  2. i’m from buffalo originally but here in DC people go CRAZY when they hear there is going to be a snowstorm and buy out everything in the store. (including radishes!) So around here I like to have some things stocked up only because I know I won’t be able to buy them otherwise. haha

  3. These are SUPER great tips! Even when you are low on space (such as being in a smaller apartment) you can still find little spots to store these much needed (and frequently forgotten) preparedness items!

  4. These are great tips. We aim for having a month’s worth of food for each person in our house (4 of us) at all times.

  5. Great, practical tips here. You should always be prepared!

  6. I agree. I think it’s less stressful to buy “just a little extra” every time you go shopping. That way you don’t have to carry home a bunch of stuff all at once and there’s always a spare of whatever you need around. Ideally, you’d buy most of what you’d need for the rest of your life sooner rather than later just for economic reasons–prices are going to keep going up, I suspect. Then there’s inflation.

    Thanks a lot for the advice! These posts are always full of great information. Going to keep an eye out for those contractor bags.

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