Vacuum Sealing Mason Jars | Food Storage

You may remember a few weeks ago Tammy talked about vacuum sealing mason jars to store fresh nuts that she buys in coops for prepping on a budget.

vacuum sealing mason jars od Saver

We received a lot of questions about using this method of food storage but have both had a lot going on in our personal lives and haven’t had a chance to address them. Imagine how happy I was to see that Lisa Bedford recently did a how-to video tutorial for vacuum sealing mason jars showing exactly how to use this method using her Food Saver. She even vacuum seals chocolate and keeps it much longer than a year. I hope by sharing Lisa’s video it helps shed some light on the wonders of this little Food Saver attachment and all it’s versatility. Hint: make sure when ordering you get one for both wide mouth jars and regular mouth jars.  Happy vacuum packing!

Vacuum Sealing Mason Jars


  1. thanks for information. I have a vacuum sealer. It helps me to preserve most of the food for my family from day to day

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