Benefits of Medical Grade Honey for Preppers

Honey has been used in wound care for centuries, all the way back to the ancient Egyptians.  Today, people  swarm to Medical Grade Honey for it’s healing properties.

What Is Medical Grade Honey?

Made from New Zealand’s Manuka honey (Leptospermum species), *this post contains affiliate links MediHoney contains  Methylglyoxal, a unique ingredient that provides it’s strong antibiotic benefits.

Interestingly,  pH content of Medical Honey is  more acidic than any other honey, which means much faster wound healing.

 Medical Grade Honey for Emergency Preparedness

Proof.  I Want Proof Medical Honey Works

There are over 234 pieces of evidence to MediHoney’s ability not only to heal wounds, but to heal them faster.  (source)

Medical Honey and Emergency Preparedness

MediaHoney is the perfect addition to medical kits to use when with diabetic ulcers, open wounds, scrapes and burns.  Toss a tube of it into your 72 Hour Kits and Emergency Kits too.

Interested in learning how Activate Charcoal can get your through a tough stomach virus?  We’ve done all the research for you.

How To Use MediHoney

Use MediHoney in paste or gel form like any other wound cream.  Derma Sciences also offers dressings for shallow wounds.

G-Tubes and Excema

One way I use Medical Honey is around my son’s g-tube site.  This miracle honey helps with skin breakdown as well as protecting against inflammation.

Then we have my son’s Remicade treatments causing eczema flares, and this stuff works wonders on eczema.   No kidding.

So.  Medical Grade Honey Is Expensive.

There’s no doubt that Medical Grade Honey comes with a bit of a price tag. While it’s worth the price, I understand the word ‘budget’, too.  Boy do I ever.  So much so that I wrote about how I make my own version of medical grade honey in my post about my DIY Manuka Honey Recipe

What is one thing that you refuse to go without, despite the cost?

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  1. I don’t know about Medihoney but I am an expert on Manuka Honey. I broke my ankle a few years ago, screws & plates. The whole shebang. After the surgery, I ended up with a wound the size of an oblong
    quarter. It would not heal even though the Dr. used his special unmarked tube of cream from Nepal. This was a specialist, mind you. Anyway, after 10 1/2 months, I decided to abandon him and I did my
    research on Manuka Honey. Dark color, at least #16, glass jar, from New Zealand. I changed the dressing twice a day, and within a week it had started to decrease in size. Three weeks more & it had closed. I’m not kidding you. I still kept using the honey once a day with a dressing, just because it was so sensitive. After 4 more weeks, it was sensitive but I didn’t use a
    dressing. I still use Manuka orally daily as a healthy med. I understand it is great for your gut. I recommend everyone have Manuka Honey in your medicine cabinet and in the kitchen for burns, cuts, and abrasions. Besides all that it is Delicious! So put it on your biscuits if you eat biscuits. The price is going through the ceiling now that it is popular but it is so worth it.

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