Simple DIY Facial Toner With Essential Oils

A simple DIY  facial toner needs to  be in everyone’s  skin care regimen.   Because you don’t want chemicals in your skin care, we use only truly natural ingredients in this recipe.  Our simple, make your own recipe, not only works, it saves money too!  Woot!

Simple DIY Facial Toner With Essential Oils

Why You Need An All Natural DIY Facial Toner With Essential Oils

A good quality  toner helps to restore natural skin pH. Facial toners can also help shrink pores and balance oil production.

When used under makeup, toners can provide a protective barrier on the skin to prevent impurities from makeup and pollutants in the air from penetrating  the skin.

Simple DIY Facial Toner Ingredients

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2 Ounce Spray Bottle  I love these blue spray bottles!  So pretty!

2 Ounces Witch hazel  This is my favorite brand of Witch Hazel.

1/2 teaspoon Vitamin E

3 drops Young Living Cypress Essential Oil

3 drops Young Living Geranium Essential Oil

2 drops Young Living Frankincense Essential Oil (optional)

3 drops Young Living Tea Tree Essential Oil (optional)

Here’s how you can order Young Living essential oils.

How To Make Our Homemade Facial Toner

Fill 2 ounce bottle with Witch Hazel, and then add essential oils and vitamin E.  I use *affiliate link a small metal funnel to make things easier.   Shake well before use.  That’s it!  Pretty easy, eh?   Told ya so!

Pro Tip: During the summer I LOVE to put my Simple DIY Facial toner in the fridge. Then, when I come in from spending time in the garden, or working out, I grab my chilled toner, spritz and refresh!  That’s on of my favorite Summer tips!

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PS: Here’s how you can order Young Living Essential Oils!

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